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Bible 2: Isaac

Bible 3: Jacob

Bible 4: Bible Overview

Bible 5: Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel

Bible Series:

Pre-course Information Packet

  1. Methods of Commentary on Torah Texts
  2. Biographical Sketches of Ramban and Sforno
  3. Historical Timeline of Relevant Events and People
  4. Abraham's Ten Trials

Lesson 1: Introduction

  1. Objectives of Ramban and Sforno Commentaries
    • Rediscovering the Link to the Living Torah
  2. G-d & Abraham Meet
    • What Was Abraham Looking for in G-d? What Was G-d Looking for in Man?
  3. Abraham Spreads The Truth Of G-d's Existence
    • The Art of Effective Communication

Lesson 2: Abraham Travels to the Land of Canaan

Torah Text: Genesis chapters 11:26-32 & 12:1-9

  1. A Missing Link: Omission of the Miracle of the Furnace
    • G-d's View of Jewish Destiny
  2. G-d Blesses Abraham
    • The Source of Success
  3. The Destination
    • The Importance of the Land Of Israel

Lesson 3: Journey to Egypt

Torah Text: Genesis chapter 12:10-20

  1. The Famine
    • Why does G-d Test Man?
  2. Abraham's Plan
    • The Balance of Human Effort and Divine Providence
  3. Divine Punishment
    • How G-d communicates to man

Lesson 4: Troubles in Canaan

Torah Text: Genesis chapters 13:1-13 & 14:1-24

  1. The Quarrel
    • Anatomy of a Dispute
  2. A Fundamental Rule in Biblical Narratives of the Patriarchs
    • G-d's Historical Blueprint
  3. Abraham and the Four Kings
    • The Central Theme of World History

Lesson 5: Timeless Messages

Torah Text: Genesis chapters 12:10-20 & 14:1-24

  1. Lot's Capture
    • The Jewish Image
  2. Abraham's Victory
    • The Jewish View of Humility
  3. Abraham and the Wealth of Sodom
    • What is Blessed Wealth?

Lesson 6: The Covenant Between the Halves

Torah Text: Genesis chapter 15

  1. Abraham is Promised a Son
    • Qualities of Jewish continuity
  2. The Egyptian Exile
    • Creating a G-dly Nation
  3. Egyptian Punishment
    • Judging Intent

Lesson 7: The Covenant of Circumcision

Torah Text: Genesis chapter 17

  1. Circumcision
    • Discovering Human Potential
  2. Abraham Seeks Counsel from His Friends
    • The Value of Advice
  3. Abraham Performs Circumcision
    • How to do a Mitzvah

Lesson 8: Abraham Hosts the Angels

Torah Text: Genesis chapter 18

  1. Abraham Hosts the Angels
    • The Art of Hosting and Being a Guest.
  2. G-d Communicates to Abraham
    • The Basis of a Torah Education
  3. Abraham's Method of Performing Charitable Acts
    • The Benefit of Earning Reward

Lesson 9: Abraham & Sodom - A Beginning and an End

Torah Text: Genesis, excerpts from chapters 17 - 22

  1. The Evil of Sodom
    • A Stagnant Way of Life
  2. The Birth of Isaac
    • Laughter of Joy and Mockery
  3. The Binding of Isaac
    • Complete Devotion to G-d