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Bible 1: Abraham

Bible 2: Isaac

Bible 4: Bible Overview

Bible 5: Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel

Bible Series:

Course Objectives

  • General:
    • To illustrate the relevance of Torah (Bible) to contemporary individuals and society at large
    • To deepen the reader's understanding of classical Torah commentaries
  • Specific
    • To enhance the student's awareness and appreciation of the life of Jacob
    • To clarify his Patriarchal role of the Jewish people


  • Torah (Bible): Chapters 23 to 34 of the Book of Genesis, which narrate the life of Jacob. (Texts will be provided)
  • Torah Commentaries:
    • Midrashic literature (1st - 6th centuries Israel and Babylon)
    • Classical commentaries of Rabbi Moshe, son of Nachman ("Nachmanides", 1195-1270 Spain) and Rabbi Ovadiah Sforno (1470-1550 Italy)