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Bible 1: Abraham

Bible 2: Isaac

Bible 3: Jacob

Bible 5: Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel

Bible Series:
Bible Overview

Pre-course Information Packet

  1. A. Historical Table Of Primary Events & People in the Torah (the first five books of the Bible)

Lesson 1: Torah: Its Origin, Wisdom, and Contents

  1. Torah Origin
  2. Torah Wisdom

A.     Accessibility
i. Penetrating Torah Wisdom: Analogy to Poetry
ii. An Example of Torah Messages: Verifying Torah Miracles
iii. Analogy of "Shorthand" Notes
iv. Example: Bible Codes


Lesson 2: Torah Contents: Narratives

  1. Torah Narratives
    1. Purpose of Torah Narratives – Maimonides
      1. Divine Justice
      2. Functioning through Natural Means
    2. Lengthy Biblical Narratives
    3. Miracles Recorded in the Torah

Lesson 3: Torah Contents: Mitzvoth (Commandments)

  1. The Purpose of Mitzvoth: To Establish a Relationship with G-d
  2. Classification of Mitzvoth
    1. Chukim Laws
    2. Mishpatim Laws
    3. Edot Laws
  3. Expanding the Mitzvoth: the "Straight Path"

Lesson 4: Genesis: The Book of Creations

  1. Universal Creation
  2. Historical Creation
    1. Prelude: Early History
    2. The Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob)

Lesson 5: Exodus: The Book of Redemption

  1. Exile & Exodus: Realization of Historical Creation
    1. Abraham in Egypt: A Parallel Study
  2. A Divinely Created Nation
    1. G-d’s Crucial Role in the Redemption
    2. G-d’s "Contract" with the Jewish People
    3. To Be An Example for Mankind
  3. The Tabernacle: Return of the Shechinah (Divine Presence)

Lesson 6: Leviticus: Jewish Spirituality

  1. Leviticus: Maintaining G-d's Presence among the Jewish people
  2. Kedushah: Becoming G-dlike
    1. Link: Achieving G-dliness: The Mitzvah of Following in G-d's Ways
  3. The Shechinah (G-d's Presence)
  4. Tzara'at: Living in G-d's Presence

Lesson 7: Numbers: Threats to Survival

  1. Completing the Structure of Sanctity
    1. Censes & Encampments
    2. Removing Tumah from the Jewish Encampment
    3. Sanctity of the Jewish Family
    4. The Nazir
  2. Preparing to Enter the Land of Israel
  3. The Spies: Trusting G-d
  4. Korach's Rebellion: Cementing Moses' Authority
  5. Bilaam's Prophecies: An Outsiders' View of Jewish Destiny

Lesson 8: Deuteronomy: Preparing for Eternity

Section I: Overview of the Book of Deuteronomy

Part One: Instructive Guidance
Part Two: Review of Torah Mitzvot
Part Three: Crystallizing the Covenant between G-d and the Jewish People
Part Four: Panorama of Jewish History
Part Five: Moses' Blessings & Departure

Section II: Selected Highlights from Deuteronomy