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Bible 1: Abraham

Bible 2: Isaac

Bible 3: Jacob

Bible 4: Bible Overview

Bible Series:
Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel


  • Creation of Adam and Eve
    • How are man and woman unique creatures?
    • How is marriage a distinctly human relationship?
  • Garden of Eden
    • What is this mysterious Garden?
    • What is the "Tree of Knowledge/Choice"
  • G-d's commandment, its violation, and consequences
    • How did the serpent entice Eve to eat from the forbidden fruit?
    • How did the Divine punishments of man, woman, and the serpent reflect their degree of sin?
  • Cain and Abel
    • What did G-d teach Cain about the allure of sin and how to control it?
    • The power of teshuva (return to G-d)

Course Objectives

  • Present a running commentary to the Genesis chapters (1-3) that describe the first human family, using classical Jewish sources
  • Identify the origin of human nature


  • Torah (Bible): The Five Books of Moses
    Note: Students will need a copy of the Bible
  • Torah Commentaries:
    • Classical commentaries of Rabbi Moshe, son of Nachman ("Nachmanides", 1195-1270 Spain) and Rabbi Ovadiah Sforno (1470-1550 Italy)
    • Midrashic literature (1st - 6th centuries Israel and Babylon)