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Ethics 2: Illness & Healing

Ethics Series:
Getting Along with People

and Yourself

Probe the wisdom of King Solomon and the Sages.

Friendships: Making and keeping friends
Strife & Anger:
Avoiding pitfalls
Judgment & Public Opinion: Character assessment
At home and at work

Study the classical ethical sources...

  • Proverbs (9th century BCE) - The wisdom of King Solomon
  • Ethics of the Fathers (4th century BCE - 2nd century CE) - Compendium of ethical sayings of Jewish sages

...and their commentators:

  • Rabbi Shlomo [Rashi] (1040-1105, France)
  • Maimonides (1135-1204 Egypt)
  • Rabbi Yonah (1180-1263, Spain)
  • Rabbi Samson Hirsch (1808-1888 Germany)