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Ethics 1: Getting Along with People

Ethics Series:
Illness & Healing

Pre-course Information Packet

  1. About the texts & commentaries



Lesson 1: Introduction

  1. Orientation to Gemilut Chasadim (Selfless Kindness)
  2. Social Level: The Mitzvah of "Love your neighbor as [you love] yourself"
  3. Spiritual Level: Following in G-d's Ways
  4. Defining Bikur Cholim
  5. The Challenge in Performing Bikur Cholim



Lesson 2: Benefiting the Sick Person (part 1)

  1. Introduction: Sensitivity to One Who is Ill
  2. The Purpose of a Visit
  3. The Ideal: An In-Person Visit
  4. Planning a Visit
    1. Who Visits
    2. Timing a Visit
    3. What Time of Day to Visit
  5. Multiple Visits



Lesson 3: Benefiting the Sick Person (part 2)

  1. Before Entering the Room 
  2. In the Presence of the Sick Person 
  3. Length of Visit
  4. Helpful Items to Bring
  5. Communication
    1. What to Avoid
    2. Giving Advice After the Fact



Lesson 4: Prayer: By and for the sick person

  1. Prayer in the Sick Person's Presence
  2. Prayer Texts
    1. Communal Focus
    2. Suggested Prayers
    3. The Language of Prayer
    4. The Name of the Sick person
    5. Communal Prayer
  3. Seeking the Prayers of a Righteous Person
  4. Perspectives on Prayer
    1. Praying with Empathy
    2. Drawing Close to G-d
    3. Feeling Dependent on G-d
  5. Effective Actions