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Foundations 1: Foundations of Judaism

Foundations 3: Encounters with G-d

Foundations 4: Oral Torah & Midrash

Foundations 5: Divine Providence

Foundations Series:
Responsible Leadership

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Lesson 1: 
The Judiciary 
[part 1]

  1. Introduction
  2. Relationship Between the Judiciary and the Monarchy
    1. Defining Chukim and Mishpatim Laws
    2. Purpose of Mitzvoth: To Establish a Relationship with G-d
  3. The Judiciary and the Tribe of Levi
  4. The Judiciary and Prophetic Messages

Lesson 2:
The Judiciary
[part 2] 

  1. The Sanhedrin (Supreme Court): Preserving Unity in Torah society
    1. Presenting a Case Before the Sanhedrin
    2. Accepting the Sanhedrin’s Ruling
      1. Divine Providence
      2. Judicial Fallibility
    3. The Rebellious Elder
  2. Addendum: The Judicial Structure

Lesson 3:
The Monarchy 

  1. Requesting a King
  2. Appointing a King
  3. The Mitzvoth of a King
    1. Limiting Horses: Reliance Upon Military Power
    2. Avoiding Egypt: Immoral Influence
    3. Limiting Wives: Focus on Sensual Pleasures
    4. Limiting Gold & Silver: Pursuit of Wealth
  4. Torah Scroll: Fealty to G-d and to His People

Lesson 4:
The Prophet
[part 1] 

  1. Introduction to Prophetic Experience
  2. The Prophetic Experience
  3. Prophetic Limitations - Location & Time
  4. "Sub-Prophetic" Levels of Divine Communication

Lesson 5:
The Prophet 
[part 2]

  1. The Idolatrous Prophet
    1. The "Prophet" and the "Dreamer"
    2. The Ot (Sign) and the Mophet (Miracle)
    3. The Prophetic Message
    4. Rejecting the Prophetic Message
    5. A Test of Belief/Love
  2. Recognizing the True and False Prophet
    1. Relying on Prophets
    2. False Prophets
      1. Fabricated Prophecy
      2. Plagiarized Prophecy
      3. Idolatrous Prophecy
      4. Torah-Altering Prophecy
    3. Testing a Prophet