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Foundations 1: Foundations of Judaism

Foundations 2: Responsible Leadership

Foundations 4: Oral Torah & Midrash

Foundations 5: Divine Providence

Foundations Series:
Encounters with G-d


  • How do I build a relationship with G-d?
  • What is love and fear of G-d?
  • Practical guidance from the Sages

Course Objectives

  • To familiarize the student with the classical foundations of Jewish belief.
  • To clarify Judaisms view of establishing a meaningful relationship with G-d.

Classical Sources

  • Midrashic Literature (1st - 6th centuries Israel & Babylon) - The repository of the Oral Law
  • "The Kuzari" (Rabbi Yehudah Ha'levy, 1080-1145, Spain) - Examines the fundamentals of Judaism based on the philosophical dialogue between the Khazar king and a Jewish scholar.
  • The Writings of Maimonides (Rabbi Moshe, son of Maimon, 1135-1204, Egypt) - From the comprehensive works of one of the great codifiers of Jewish knowledge. 
  • "The Book of Fundamentals" (Rabbi Yosef Albo, 1380-1444, Spain) - A systematic presentation of Jewish belief, from general principles to precise details.