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Foundations 1: Foundations of Judaism

Foundations 2: Responsible Leadership

Foundations 4: Oral Torah & Midrash

Foundations 5: Divine Providence

Foundations Series:
Encounters with G-d

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Lesson 1: 
G-d's Relationship to Us

  1. G-d is Unfathomable
  2. Anthropomorphic Descriptions: Understanding How G-d Relates to Us
    1. Selected Explanations of Anthropomorphism
  3. G-d's Love for Man: The Basis of G-d's Relationship to Us
  4. Metaphors for G-d's Relationship to Us
    1. The Father-Son Relationship
      1. Trust in G-d's Love for Us
      2. Divine Justice
    2. King - Servant Relationship

Lesson 2: 
Loving G-d

  1. Motivations for Love
  2. The Mitzvah to Love G-d
  3. Achieving Love of G-d
    1. Torah Wisdom: The Challenge of Looking Beyond Nature
  4. Forging a Relationship toward G-d: The Behavior of a Pious Person
  5. A Key to Loving G-d: Genuine Gratefulness
    1. Link: Expressing Gratitude to G-d



Lesson 3:
Fear of G-d

  1. Defining Fear: An Awareness of G-d's Presence
  2. A Built-In Awareness of G-d
  3. Two Types of an Awareness of G-d: Fear of Punishment and Awe of G-d
  4. Fear of Punishment: Appreciating its Role in Relating to G-d



Lesson 4:
Challenges to Loving and Fearing G-d

  1. Feeling gratitude: The Challenge of Appreciating G-d's Goodness
  2. A Built-In Desire to Relate to G-d
  3. Practical Aspects of Building a Relationship with G-d: Days of Love and Days of "Hate"
  4. Balancing Love and Fear