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Foundations 1: Foundations of Judaism

Foundations 2: Responsible Leadership

Foundations 3: Encounters with G-d

Foundations 4: Oral Torah & Midrash

Foundations Series:
Divine Providence

Course Procedures and Parameters


Boundaries in Human Understanding

  1. Part I: Problems and Resolutions
    1. Time Factor
    2. Intellect
      1. Understanding Takes Time and Effort
      2. Mesorah (Knowledge through Divine Revelation)
      3. Historical Influence of Greek Philosophy
      4. Understanding to the Best of Our Ability
  2. Part II: What Can We Know about G*d?
    1. G*d is Unfathomable
    2. Understanding How G*d Relates to Us: Anthropomorphisms
      1. Selected Explanations of Anthropomorphism
    3. Descriptions of G*d's Relationship with the World

Principles of Providence (1)

  1. Providence and the Purpose of Creation
  2. Achieving Man's Purpose
  3. The Role of Prophecy in Providence
  4. Addendum - Moral Challenges

Principles of Providence (2)

  1. G*d's Control over Phenomena
  2. G*d Reveals His Control: The Miracles of the Exodus
  3. Guiding Principles of Divine Providence
  4. Divine Providence Over Man in Contrast to Other Earthly Creatures
  5. Addenda

Providence vs. Mazal

  1. Background to Mazal: Its Role in Creation
  2. The Mazal Influence in Creation
  3. The Impact of Mazal Upon Man
  4. National and Collective Mazal
  5. How to Adjust to One's Mazal
    1. My Mazal is My Unique Challenge in Life
    2. In G*d We Trust - Not in Mazal
    3. Educating According to Mazal Character - Not Against It

Providence and Free Will

  1. Divine Omniscience and Free Will
  2. The Doctrine of Free Will
  3. Limitations in Free Will
    1. Divine Decrees
    2. The Realm of Free Will
  4. Divine Decrees and Free Will
    1. Divine Protection from Free Will
  5. The Gift and Responsibilities of Free Will
    1. Avoiding Dangerous Situations
    2. Consequences of Bad Choices